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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 1, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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million on hand for campaign
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expenses. over the past 24 hours the president, first lady, and the vice president were expected to raise at least $5 million at various fund-raisers. crazy to think of the money flying around right now. >> mm-hmm. to capitol hill where there were new warnings about iran. the director of national intelligence reported that iran is changing its game plan, stepping up spying, and more ready than ever to launch terror attacks inside the united states. the threat comes as the u.s. is leading an international boycott of iran's oil because of unanswered questions about its nuclear program. the u.s. is pushing for international action over syria as well. secretary of state hillary clinton urged members of the u.n. security council to demand that president bashar assad step down. russia, though, was threatening a veto because it fears it would lead to military action as we saw in libya with gadhafi. now, since syria's government launched a crackdown last march, an estimated 5,400 people have been killed. south africa's public health
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investigators are now recalling condoms given away during some recent national celebrations. more than 1 million condoms, in fact, are being recalled because they leak or may break. tens of thousands of folks attended the celebrations there where those free condoms were handed out. and the situation is so serious because south africa's aids infection rate is the highest in the world. now an update on a story we told you about a couple weeks ago. you might remember little amelia rivera. her parents said the 3-year-old was denied a kidney transplant because of her mental disability, and many of you shared your outrage on our facebook fan page. and now her parents say the doctors at the children's hospital of philadelphia, a little change of heart, they're considering the procedure for little amelia. she will go through screenings to see if she is a good candidate for a transplant. and on to a shocking ride on a pennsylvania highway. a driver speeding through a snowy median. it looked like a wild police chase, but it wasn't. actually, behind the wheel was a woman in her 60s.
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megan healy of whtm in harrisburg shows us this dramatic video. >> reporter: this is not the kind of thing you want to see on your morning commute, but it's exactly what shawn lucas and his buddy observed as they headed up i-81 north near paxtonia just before 8:00 a.m. >> now he's going to go into oncoming traffic. >> reporter: a car flying, at times literally, through the snowy median. >> it seemed to be to us that there had to be a police officer coming back off the ramp. >> reporter: turned out that officer and several others were headed toward the scene because the woman had already veered into the median minutes earlier. other drivers were out of their cars trying to push her back onto the road when she took off again. >> she came out for a little bit and went back in, and then that's when i pretty much started filming. and basically, she was hitting all the jumps. >> reporter: it's this last jump the car crashes and the video stops. mike fife is chief of paxtonia
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fire company who first responded. he said as crazy as this looks there is a valid explanation. the driver was having a medical emergency. >> it seems that more often than not we have a diabetic emergency. and i believe that was the case. >> reporter: he says the 61-year-old woman was conscious when his crews got to her but it's likely she had no recollection of what had just happened. >> i would just say it like this. the lights are on but nobody's home. meaning your eyes are open, you're wide awake, but you don't realize what's going on around you. and that -- from the video that i watched, that has to be what's happening. >> reporter: meantime, shawn admits instead of calling 911 he picked up his camera, but only because he saw police were already on scene. he also told us he now realizes he could have been in harm's way as well. >> wow. crazy video there. >> just thankful that nobody was severely injured. she could have veered into oncoming traffic. she could have veered back into her lane. this could have ended a lot more tragically than it did. >> the paramedics eventually took that driver to the
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hospital. hopefully she got the care she needs. what a scary moment. the guy was pretty brave to take that video, too, while he's driving trying to capture the whole thing. all right. >> here's a look at your forecast. up to 15 inches of snow in the cascades. a few inches in the northern rockies. and a dusting from duluth to marquet marquette, michigan. heavy snow in northern maine, mild with showers from the northeast all the way to the gulf coast. >> 70s from dallas over to new orleans. 60s here in new york. also in baltimore and atlanta as wewhile, in chicago. 38 in fargo. phoenix at 72. seattle at 48. okay. i may have grown up in michigan, but i am not going to vouch for everyone's intelligence there. and here's why. >> some urban skiing going on. and wait for it. wait for it. >> oh! >> moron of the week. let's just say that guy got a little hung up in the whole skiing experience. >> yeah, he wasn't hurt. his buddies eventually got him down. in fact, our hero can be heard calling it all, and we quote,
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"awesome. so cool." he didn't say "like radical." rad. >> something like that. >> gag me with a spoon. oh, that's a 1980s -- >> that's way old. >> way. >> that urban skiing, man, gets you every time. >> we've got to take you skiing, got to take you to michigan. >> i'll be in the lodge with a cocktail. like all good skiers. that's right. we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ ♪ hanging by a moment ♪ hanging by a moment [ female announcer ] crest 3d white was recognized
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see how it can change your life. crest 3d white. life opens up when you do.
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♪ welcome back, everyone. a cheating scandal has erupted
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at one of america's most elite private colleges in the country. but it's not the students who were caught cheating. >> mm-mm. the administration of the school was trying to boost the school's ranking. and the scandal is now raising some new questions about the value of those college ranking magazines. with more on this here is abc's abby boudreau. >> reporter: at claremont mckenna college students live by a code of honor. but educators at this prestigious liberal arts college outside los angeles admitted they were the ones who had been cheating. for six years the school submitted false data to the critical "u.s. news & world report," lying about the average math and reading s.a.t. scores of their students, inflating them by 10 to 20 points each. >> there's a violation of trust. people in this country think that colleges and universities are supposed to be, you know, pillars in our society. "u.s. news," a tool depended on by families-h been ranking claremont mckenna in the top ten of liberal arts colleges in the entire country. the cheating scandal could change that. students there, who pay a yearly tuition of more than $55,000,
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were trying to come to terms with what their school had done. >> it's a little embarrassing for the school, i think. >> do you think it's sort of a double standard? >> yeah. no, definitely. they should be held to a high level as well. >> reporter: why would a school cheat? experts say every notch a school can rise in the rankings is critical. >> prestige matters to these colleges. what they get in the end are better students. they attract better faculty. they attract more money. >> reporter: more money from proud alumni eager to give. but while millions of students and families rely on ranking lists to make that crucial college choice, it turns out publications like "u.s. news" rely on universities to be honest. >> it's impossible to really check to see what these schools are reporting. and so oftentimes you don't see outright lying on the numbers but you do see some institutions trying to game the system. >> reporter: the school blames the entire incident on one bad administrator who's been fired.
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the unnamed administrator who inflated those scores is now gone. still, the college has declined our requests for an interview. they said in a letter to students and staff that they take this situation very seriously and that they will conduct an independent investigation. but a college that prides itself on teaching its students is itself learning a valuable lesson. abbey boudreau, abc news, claremont, california. >> and the fact there's no way to verify the numbers these colleges are reporting, that is scary. and it's also a shame people are paying, you heard in that piece, $55,000 a year. if i'm paying that kind of money, it better be the top-notch education as advertised that it is. >> and it is a very prestigious liberal arts school. about 1,300 students go there. it's ranked by "u.s. news & world report" the ninth best liberal arts school. >> in this day and age in america tuition debt is higher than credit card debt in this country. make sure you're getting what you pay for. check those stats. check those numbers. coming up next we'll lighten the mood up.
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when royals talk about fellow royals people tend to listen. >> why an interview from a british prince is getting so much attention.
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♪ your royal posture. your royal face. >> ah, yes, the royals. >> okay. we're getting some rare insight into the british royal family to celebrate the queen's 60 years on the throne. prime ministers and her princely grandchildren are giving some rare interviews. >> prince harry was the first one to dish about his famous grandparents. abc's nick watt has this riveting story. >> reporter: prince philip is seen by many as a loose cannon, an irascible buffoon, king of the tactless comment. harry says the old guy's a royal
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rock. "regardless of whether my grandfather seems to be doing his own thing," harry told a bbc reporter, "sort of wandering off like a fish down the river, the fact that he's there personally, i don't think she could do it without him, especially when they're both at this age." >> it's the first time a royal's ever said anything like this. and perhaps that's a sign that the family are a little bit worried. >> reporter: she's 85. he's 90. and he spent christmas in the hospital with a heart scare. >> if the duke, his health deteriorates and he can't carry on, maybe that will herald a time when the queen calls it a day and hands it to charles. >> reporter: don't forget we'll have to sit through charles and camilla before we get to the young, fun ones. william the rescue pilot's off to the south atlantic this week, and harry's training just in case he's shot down behind enemy lines during his upcoming tour in afghanistan. >> they've put in under interrogation. they've hooded him. not tortured him but they've tried to prepare him for those sorts of scenarios he would face.
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heaven forbid that ever happens. >> reporter: and for now the queen's in charge with philip, her indispensable wing man on walkabouts. these are things that at her age she shouldn't be doing, says harry, yet she's carrying on and doing them. that's the curse of royalty. palaces are fun, but the job itself can be pretty boring. and the queen and philip make around 400 public appearances every year. if i was them, i'd turn in those crowns, move to florida, enjoy the sun and the satisfaction of a job well done. 60 years on the throne. nick watt, abc news, london. >> she was just 25 when she took the throne. >> such a tough, hard job. how do they make it? all those servants and money and the big mansions and fancy vacations. oh. >> it is a tough life. >> such tough -- even tougher watching this graphic for the 400th time on this show. we're going to retire this one after today. >> you really need to work on your wave. >> i'll try. coming up, the secret to long-lasting relationships.
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"morning papers" is next. >> insight from this guy.
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♪ >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." the story -- >> this isn't working out for me. i'm tired of doing that for you. >> i think we should end the relationship. >> i'm out of here. i'm done. oh, we're back. sorry. sorry, folks. >> actually, this plays into our first story. we really do like each other. >> let's just do it. >> this is a survey out of india. and they say that arguing once a week could be the secret to a long and healthy relationship. it's a new survey. and that these mild spats, not abusive rows, but there are some keys to fighting. >> yes. >> with your significant other. >> rules of engagement. >> there are rules of engagement. take ten. do take ten if you're angry. so you don't say something stupid that you're going to take back such as like mentioning the d word, which is divorce. >> don't mention that. >> don't mention that. don't get stuck on one issue. don't get personal. >> when you get angry, you have
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a tendency to go for the jugular. that's when things get bad. >> 44% of couples believe fighting does keep the lines of communication open. i totally believe that. 12 years of marriage. got to keep that individuality. got to fight. but it's always fun afterwards. after a fight. >> why? >> you can kiss and make up. >> oh. that's good. that's so sweet of you. good midwestern girl. >> ding. >> ding. you've got to give points to these occupy protesters. they're creative if nothing else. because there's a story in the "l.a. times" about this woman in seattle who has married a warehouse -- >> a warehouse? >> there she is in her wedding gown next to this building. this was her way of kind of protesting generali ining gentre neighborhood. they were supposed to tear this down and make way for another apartment complex which protesters say only makes that area that much more unaffordable. and this woman says if corporations can have the same rights as people so can buildings she says. local station in seattle
2:57 am
reported bulldozers already on the way so, it may not have been effective but it is a creative stand. the building's more than 100 years old. >> so many different ways we can go with that story. for all of you women out there, i know that i don't look great in the morning but there's a lot of women that are showing their au natural face when they wake up, no makeup. this is -- yeah. they are morning beauties, aren't they? this is a story out of the "daily mail." they decided to show the world what they look like au natural. it's part of this project, xo's "jane show us your morning faces." the women feel liberated to do this. it's the bare-faced honesty. and i'm just not sure anybody would want to -- >> helping women be more comfortable with how they wake up, how they look naturally. but none of us look good when we wake up. your breath stinks, you've got those eye boogers. >> it's terrible
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this morning on "world news now" -- political advance. mitt romney is the true republican front-runner after his commanding victory in the florida primary. >> what's next for both romney and newt gingrich, who finished second in -- who finished in second place now that the republicans are concentrating on nevada. it's wednesday february 1st. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. florida republicans wanted a candidate that could beat president obama. the latest returns show a double-digit lead for romney over gingrich. but gingrich is saying the florida race is not going to stop him. we get the latest live from tampa. >> and newt really is vowing to fight on, saying this could go on for another six months. that's not what the establishment wants to hear. but you know, newt is a powerhouse, and he's saying
3:01 am
look, i am not ready to quit. so we could be in store for months and months more of this. >> and he's basically telling the other two candidates to go away. not even acknowledging them. >> and everyone else hoping he may go away. interesting morning again. also today, two weather extremes in just one state. while one part of texas deals with severe downpours and a flood emergency, another area faces the worst drought in years. it's so bad there's not enough drinking water in some parts of that state. and later this half hour, yes, there's an app for the super bowl. in fact, there are many ways to enjoy sunday's big game in front of the tube. and with a smartphone in your hand we're going to show you some of the most popular apps that are out there. love that story. >> that should be good stuff. big game coming on sunday. go giants. >> got to have a plate of food in one hand and your iphone -- >> in the other. i like the leopard look today. you're getting ready for valentine's day. >> i am. couple weeks away.
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>> what was that? >> r-r-r-r-r-r. >> ready to do the show. but first the pendulum swung forcefully back to mitt romney last night with a crushing victory in florida's primary. >> but with a mood as bitter as the campaign had been, newt gingrich did not concede and did not call romney to congratulate him. abc's karen travers is live in tampa. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, rob. the romney campaign says the calendar is now on their side. they say that their organization and money puts them in a very good position. now, because of the increasing crowds at his event, mitt romney will start getting secret service protection this week. mitt romney has his momentum back. >> to the people in this room and the people all over florida, thank you tonight for this great victory. >> reporter: the exit polls showed that by a large margin florida republicans believed romney is the candidate with the best chance to beat president obama. >> my leadership will end the obama era and begin a new era of
3:03 am
american prosperity. >> reporter: it was a brutal campaign here in florida, one that grew more nasty, more personal every day. but romney said ultimately it won't have lasting damage. >> a competitive primary does not divide us. it prepares us. and we will win. >> reporter: romney and his allies hammered newt gingrich on television, spending nearly $13.8 million on attack ads in just a week. that's nearly four times what gingrich and his allies spent. but it may not have mattered. based on exit polling data, nearly 6 in 10 voters say the negative ads had little or no effect on their vote. maybe because they made their decision before any of the negative ads even hit the airwaves. 4 in 10 republican voters here say they made their decision back in december. gingrich vowed to stay in the race until the bitter end, which he says is still a long way down the road. >> we are going to contest every place, and we are going to win, and we will be in tampa as the
3:04 am
nominee in august. >> reporter: not so fast, says the romney campaign. mitt romney had his victory event in the building right behind me earlier last night. and his campaign hopes that he'll be back here for the republican convention in august and he'll be the nominee. rob, paula? >> karen, so you mentioned earlier that romney will start to get the secret service i think as early as tomorrow. what does that say? does that mean it's all but inevitable that he's going to be the nominee? >> reporter: paula, it's important to know this is really because of the increasing crowds. it was just getting a little bit out of hand. and this is a way for mitt romney to have a little more protection, another layer of security. but this is really going to change the dynamics of covering his campaign. it will be harder for the reporters to ask him questions. it will also be harder for mitt romney to campaign. he can't just jump into the crowd anymore because there will be secret service agents. this of course does increase that sechnse of inevitability around him. he'll look more like the nominee. he'll look more like president
3:05 am
obama on the campaign trail. but remember, herman cain also had secret service protection that they requested. he's not even in the race anymore. rob, paula. >> excellent point. and of course four states down but 46 still to go in all of this potentially here. what is next for the race in the state of nevada coming up in just a few days? >> reporter: next you have nevada on saturday, and it is a caucus state. and that's important because that's where organization and money are really going to be a big factor. and of course mitt romney has both of those. but let's not count out ron paul. he wasn't even campaigning here in florida. but he has organization. he has some money. he could make a play on saturday. but again, it's looking like it's a good state for mitt romney. of the next six states that vote, rob, paula, mitt romney won five of them in 2008. so the romney campaign is feeling very good, that they could possibly put together a nice little winning streak over the month of february. rob, paula. >> all right. abc's karen travers reporting live there from tampa. get some sleep, karen. thanks for that report. and for more campaign analysis stay tuned for "america
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this morning" and also "good morning america" as the gop concentrates next, as we just said, on the state of nevada. and for political updates anytime always go to well, vice president biden summed it up -- summed up, i should say, the democrats' argument for re-election in this key line here. he's now saying, "osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive." president obama underscored that gm victory during a visit to the washington, d.c. auto show. he said detroit can now compete with any car company in the world. one of the administration's top foreign challenges, syria, is being taken up by the united nations. secretary of state hillary clinton is urging the security council to demand that president assad step down. however, russia is threatening a veto for fear it would lead to military action as it did in libya. more than 5,000 people have died in recent clashes with the syrian government. and at the site of that cruise shipwreck off italy the search for the missing has been
3:07 am
called off. officials say it's just too dangerous for rescue workers to continue working inside the "costa concordia." 17 bodies were recovered. 16 remain missing but presumed dead. among them are jerry and barbara heil of minnesota. their family says they are "disheartened" by the decisions to stop the search but they understand it at the same time. >> not the news they wanted to hear, but certainly it makes sense at this point. all right. switching gears now. after its driest year ever, parts of texas have been getting pound by some drenching rain. but the sad part, it's not nearly enough to put a dent in that state's historic drought. >> at the same time one bone-dry town is so desperate it's hauling in water by the truckload. abc's diana alvear has more. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and paula, good morning. it may feel positively balmy where you're at, but texans are struggling with both storms and drought. water, water everywhere. in fort worth. not a drop to drink further
3:08 am
south. >> just praying for rain. hopefully we'll get some. >> reporter: after water levels in spicewood's well dropped, local officials were forced to begin hauling in water on tanker trucks. >> if they don't truck us in water, then we're completely out of water and we will not be able to function at all in this community at all. >> reporter: rain is falling in texas. even spicewood will get storms. but meteorologists say mere inches won't make up for months of drought. spicewood will keep trucking in their water for the next several weeks. they have no choice. and if the heavy rains in other parts of texas let up, they may not be the only ones. and some experts are predicting that texas's drought will last through the end of april. so no relief anytime soon. rob, paula? >> diana alvear, thanks for that report. here is your wednesday weather. mild with showers here in new york. around the ohio valley, nashville, and the gulf coast ten inches of snow in northern maine. flurries from minnesota to michigan.
3:09 am
snow in the cascades and rockies. >> 45 in salt lake city. 54 in albuquerque. 72 in phoenix. kansas city 59. omaha 55. chicago 44. and a nice-sounding 77 in new orleans. >> you can always dream. here's a special lady we found down deep in the heart of texas. >> winnie bartelet, a school librarian, was welcomed by students with a crown and a bunch of roses. the kids were thrilled to see her as usual, especially on her 90th birthday. 90 years old, and her colleagues still call her smart, spunky, and hip. >> so hip in fact that they made her cake in the shape of an electric guitar. winnie's favorite singer is keith urban. she says she doesn't want to stay at home, that she'd prefer to be at school with the kids. she's going to have to fight -- who's keith urban married to? nicole kidman. >> nicole kidman. i was going to say faith hill. glad you corrected me. congrats to her. we'll be back with more after this. ♪ you have a head start
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♪ if you are among the very young at heart ♪ ♪
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♪ oh, you're my best friend ♪ ooh, you make me live go. time for our favorite story of the day. right? >> that's it. >> a miniature schnauzer is being credited with saving his owner's life. the 72-year-old fell in her kitchen and broke her leg. >> the hero pup, danny, licked his owner's face until she woke up, and then with a little coaching, you won't believe what he did next. knxv's adam slinger reports now from phoenix. >> he knew he had to jump into action. >> reporter: danny the dog is taking a well-deserved rest now. and beth bennett is just glad he's still by her side. >> i would still be there till someone came. there was no way i could move. i have a very bad fracture. >> reporter: beth fell last friday, and she says it was not a pretty fall. >> i was twisted. so i didn't hit my bum or
3:15 am
anything. straight on that hip. and i heard it crack. i heard it crack. and the minute i tried to move i passed out. >> reporter: when she came to, she says danny was licking her face. and as scary as that fall was, she says there was one thought scarier. her dog would be the only one who could help. >> i started saying, okay, danny, you need to get mommy the phone. get me the phone. >> reporter: as a service dog this pup is used to helping. but it's been years since he's had to do something like this. >> it took him a few minutes because he ran back and forth. he knew what i was saying, and he ran back and he looked at the phone. then he ran back and barked at me. and he ran back. so he ran back and forth a couple of times and, you know, barking. and then he got up on the couch and got up on the desk. >> reporter: beth says she's in good hands here, but last friday she was in good paws. >> i tell him, he saved my life. i mean, i never dreamed he would save my life. >> reporter: adam slinger, abc news. >> wow. that is impressive. >> licked her face, got her
3:16 am
phone, got her phone book. >> that's incredible. see, that's my service dog. i need to get me some beer. i'm on the couch. without getting up, see. >> although i don't know if the dog would actually lick your face. you might want to shave first. >> really? come on now. a little scruff ain't bad. all right. coming up next, some more. don't go far.
3:17 am
♪ well, it's one of my favorite sundays of the year. super bowl xlvi is shaping up to be a breakthrough for the smartphone. everyone from the teams to the advertisers to the broadcasters have come up with ways that you can get more out of the game with your mobile device. and here with the new apps you want to try is abc news tech contributor andrea smith, wearing your giants jersey. and we don't all have a new york
3:18 am
bias out here on the east coast. i'm going for the patriots. >> i'm showing my colors. >> so what do you have for us, andrea? >> so there are some really great apps because people, they sit and they use their phones, they use their devices while they're watching the game. so if you want to get ready for the game, you can also use these apps to check things out and see what's going on. the first one is nfl mobile. because this is the only place you're going to be able to see a live stream of the game on your mobile device. you need to be a verizon customer on nfl mobile. and what you do here is you can just scroll through and you can see right now any of the video that they have up, you're going to be able to see current stats going on. you're going to be able to see news and analysis. everything that's happening live in the game this year on nfl mobile. and i also want to mention this is the first time anyone's going to be able to see a live stream of the game online. >> that's great. >> ever. >> so you can be pretty much anywhere. >> anywhere. you can see it online. yeah. >> and you threw out a staggering stat. what did you say, 60% of the people watching the game will have -- >> will have a tablet or a --
3:19 am
>> in their lap. >> in their lap. and they'll be social networking, tweeting, facebooking, chatting with friends. >> i'll have a plate of food in my app. what else do you have? >> this is the giants' official app. this is the place you'll want to be. this will give you right now everything going on with the giants. the latest news. you can watch videos. you can see the guys all arriving in indiana getting ready. you can see stats. again, this is all going to update itself. what i like here is you can see, it will aggregate all of the tweets going on. anything that says giants in it, all of the twitter feets are going to come up here. you can see the schedule. if you just want to argue stats with people, this is the place you can go. >> for all us sports meatheads. there's a lot of them out there. >> i'm not showing favorites. there's a patriots app as well. >> although it's on the small, the small phone. >> this is the official patriots app. same thing. you can get news. you can get videos. what i love here is they have a picture gallery and they show pictures of their cheerleaders here. >> nice. >> yeah, i never saw that
3:20 am
before. updates. live updates throughout the game. fan stuff. >> you might be the only female that's looking at the cheerleader gallery. >> yeah, probably. the other thing here is if you're a sports fan you already have this -- >> i do. >> espn. >> love this. this is my favorite app on the planet. >> espn score center. this is where you want to be. everything you need to know is right here. the day of the game. and even leading up to the game. because if you want to know, you know, your stats and kind of trash talk with your friends. >> in-game stats. perfect. >> and also there will be live analysis coming up during the game. this is also the place to be. and then the other thing that people also talk about is of course the commercials. >> best commercials of the year. looking forward to that ferris bueller one that's supposed to be out there hopefully. >> so this app is -- this app, what it does, is it's a-plus super bowl commercials. and it gives you all of the past super bowl commercials. it will fill in here. and you can watch super bowl commercials from previous ones
3:21 am
like, you know, if you want to see -- >> that is great. >> -- an earlier e-trade commercial see the first one with those babies that are so cute. and as the game progresses and they go on to youtube, they'll be put up here and you can see all the new commercials. >> what is this app again? >> a-plus super bowl commercial. and these are all free, by the way. all free apps. >> that's good to know. oh, look at that. saving us some money. >> absolutely. >> on super bowl sunday. so that we can make some wagers, right? >> wagers? hmm. maybe do some wings. >> yes. wings, some celery and blue cheese, some nachos piled high. does that sound good? >> that sounds great. >> a plate of foot d on one leg and my tablet on the other. >> you'll all be tweeting and facebooking. >> andrea, thank you so much for this valuable information. i hope we helped all of you out there. thanks to abc's andrea smith for these football lover's apps. for more details just i go to you're watching "world news now." enjoy the game.
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♪ she works hard for the money ♪ so hard for it honey ♪ she works hard for the money ♪ so you'd better treat her right ♪ yes. so if this whole tv thing doesn't work out, or should i say when this whole tv gig doesn't work out -- >> ah. >> it's inevitable. i could always get a job in construction. i'm good with hammers and nails and all of that stuff. >> that's good. >> let's just leave it aat that. more women are take on careers in male-dominated industries. >> and these well-paying jobs actually require a lot of upper body strength, and a program in california is helping women to beef up. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: in the shadow of a long beach power plant a dozen women are stepping into tool belts. this innovative program trains
3:26 am
women for, well, man's work. for the few who make it through the grueling ten weeks, for those who can hack the physical demands, the rewards are great. because traditionally male blue-collar jobs can pay a lot more. ironworkers, nearly all men, make on average 23 bucks an hour. waitresses make just 10. >> women have to go out to work. i have a child i have to support. >> reporter: donna williamson, a recent graduate, is back lending a hand. she was a waitress scraping by on minimum wage. now she's an ironworker making twice as much. she's developed a crushing handshake and these days carries a tool belt that's almost a third of her body weight. >> at the end of the day you are dirty, you're sweating, you don't smell the greatest. and that's fine with me. >> reporter: we followed donna to work, grinding metal. >> good day today? >> good day. >> reporter: gender equality is advancing in other workplaces.
3:27 am
a quarter of ceos are women. but ironworkers, well, still less than 1%. right here there are 250 guys that work and only two women. the program teaches safety, timekeeping, how to find work, and -- >> we should talk about the habits that you're going to change. >> reporter: -- how to handle discrimination. >> they need to learn to brush it off and continue on with their work. >> reporter: to set an example for others. >> if i can do it, they can do it. and i'm only 5'2". >> reporter: proving a woman's place might be on a construction site. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i remember doing a story about this like six years ago. a cincinnati bengal cheerleader -- that's a bad look, by the way. >> that's good. >> she did construction on the side. beautiful girl. put that hardhat on. you like that?
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- vital victory. mitt romney's commanding win in last night's florida primary, and what it means for this unpredictable gop campaign. >> and what's next for newt gingrich, who insists he is not done, not by a long shot. it is wednesday february 1st. oh, it's hump day. day three for us. >> get over that hump. >> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. it was a double-digit win for romney in florida. here are the latest numbers now as the votes are counted. romney of course is in a celebratory mood. 46% as of right now. gingrich says, though, the fight for the nomination is not over. he's predicting this thing could go on for six more months. just what the gop does not want. >> gingrich kind of bullying the other guys to get out of the race, too. ron paul and rick santorum
3:31 am
saying this is a two-man race. >> at this point no guarantee that their votes would go with newt. so it's kind of a gamble to push them out. but that's what he's saying. also this morning, a very disturbing child molestation case from southern california, where a veteran third-grade teacher is accused of abusing a long list of students. disturbing is an understatement. if you're a parent, you want to do more than send this guy behind bars. >> unbelievable what he did there inside that classroom. we'll get to that in just a second. also later this half hour a suspected intruder picked the wrong house. a former competitive boxer caught the guy and put his smackdown moves to work to protect his home. if you're going to break into someone's house, make sure the dude doesn't have a nasty left hook. you know what i'm saying? >> yeah. >> maybe do a little recal, a little research. >> doesn't make sense. but first, mitt romney passed a huge test in florida yesterday, winning the votes of nearly every group of republican voters. >> and in a state where the economy of course is still in deep trouble, his business
3:32 am
success seemed to strike a good chord there. abc's david muir now with "your voice, your vote." >> reporter: this was a huge win here in florida for governor mitt romney, the first winner take all state so far. obviously, they have a ways to go for that delegate count to win the nomination. the campaign did not say that this would seal the deal, but they did indicate that they believe this helps propel them in that direction. >> i will make america the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs, for innovators, for job creators. and unlike the other people running for president, i know how to do that because i've done it before. >> reporter: in fact, they went so far as to say they can't imagine an event large enough, dynamic enough to change the race for newt gingrich or rick santorum at this point in the race. one of the things he said we hadn't heard before, which is he envisions hope as a job and a paycheck, not a faded word on a bumper sticker. >> my leadership will end the obama era and begin a new era of american prosperity. >> reporter: obviously, that was
3:33 am
a jab at president obama and his campaign message of four years ago. the governor moving on to nevada. we'll be traveling with him. of course the nevada caucus comes this saturday. colorado also to come this month. but then there are a few weeks that are relatively down until the end of february, when you have arizona and romney's home state of michigan. they are fueled, they say, they are on their way with the wind behind them, and when asked about the negative ads that aired here in florida they made no apologies for them. it was a strategy that clearly won after that stunning surprise win of newt gingrich in south carolina. they wanted to rewrite the headline. and they did that here. david muir, abc news, tampa, florida. >> thanks to david muir for filing that late story. newt gingrich finished a distant second in a stunning reversal of his south carolina victory. but the former speaker did not concede the race and did not call mitt romney to congratulate him. instead, gingrich promised to stay in the race all the way to the what could be bitter end. >> we are going to contest every place, and we are going to win,
3:34 am
and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> 46 states to go. gingrich says it's now just a two-man race and he will win because he is the true republican conservative running against romney, the massachusetts moderate, which he's been saying for a very long time. >> that is his mantra. president obama, meanwhile, is having no problem at all raising cash for his campaign. he just reported to the federal election commission that his campaign raised nearly $40 million in the final months of last year. the president has nearly $82 million on hand for campaign expenses and over just the past 24 hours the president, the first lady, and the vice president are expected to raise at least $5 million more at various fund-raisers. and now a truly disturbing story from southern california. a former third-grade teacher is being held on more than $2 million bail. he's facing child molestation charges, and the details in this case are simply horrifying.
3:35 am
kabc's robert holguin reports from los angeles. >> reporter: this unassuming apartment in torrance suddenly was surrounded by l.a. county sheriff's deputies. they were there to arrest this man, 61-year-old mark berndt. >> just pretty weird having someone like that living right next to you. >> reporter: berndt was arrested monday and charged with 23 counts of lewd acts with a child. the crimes are all alleged to have occurred at miramonte elementary school in south l.a., where berndt had taught third grade for more than three decades. berndt is accused of blindfolding and gagging almost two dozen students, then snapping hundreds of photographs. >> not all the children were his actual students in his classroom, but they were students at the school. >> i'm angry. i'm disgusted. i'm sad. >> reporter: some photos show students with cockroaches on their faces. in some cases berndt posed with the children. in other instances he fed the young girls a white liquid. investigators later determined it was his semen. >> these are scars that can live on throughout one's life. so it's important not only to
3:36 am
get therapy but to get therapy from a person who's knowledgeable of this type of event. >> reporter: the investigation started after a film processing lab gave authorities some 40 photographs that featured the lewd acts. berndt was later fired when the school learned of the photos. that was last year. it took investigators a year to build their case, and they believe there are more victims. >> he was a teacher for over 30 years, and we feel that there's children out there who are not aware that they were being victimized in this manner. >> reporter: robert holguin, abc news. >> i don't even know what to say about that. >> no words for that. and the sad part here, records going back ten years show he never had any disciplinary actions, had good job reviews, so this was not a problem teacher -- >> how could this go on in a classroom? there has to be some sort of teacher's assistant in the classroom. >> or monitoring. or one of the kids would speak sooner, something like that. but he'll be in court later today. but just unbelievable. i'm going to quote one of our former anchors here, sunny hostin, saying for certain people there is a special place in hell. i think that guy may qualify. unbelievable. >> pedophiles. yeah.
3:37 am
they need to burn. that's just very disturbing. other news this morning. 15 students at a high school near houston all came down with a mysterious illness after lunch yesterday. ambulances took at least six to the hospital, in fact. administrators suspect the students were under the influence, but of what they're not quite sure yet. the students won't say. so doctors have now ordered blood tests in the case. investigators do not believe, though, it was a foodborne illness. well, the calendar may say february 1st, but for much of the country it's feeling a lot more like april. it has been a wacky winter with record highs that have some of us holding golf clubs instead of snow shovels. here's abc's scott goldberg. >> reporter: in this weird winter one of the strangest sights has been a working snowplow. but business is booming in central new york state, where 32 1/2 inches fell in just 15 hours. that snowstorm was special. across the rest of the country two dozen cities reported record highs. 2/3 of the country is ten
3:38 am
degrees warmer than normal. and in that deep red swath stretching from kansas city almost to philadelphia, 20 to 25 degrees above normal. even the tundra in the twin cities isn't so frozen. organizers of an annual cross-country ski race had to scrap plans to put the finish line in the middle of the city because there's no snow on the streets. >> it's not something that we like. >> reporter: in minneapolis it's the seventh warmest january on record. in chicago the warmest start to winter in 78 years. weird as it sounds, spring will still be seven weeks away. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. >> it was almost 60 degrees yesterday in new york. 60 today. >> tee it up. >> that's what i'm talking about. thank you, mother nature. here is your wednesday weather, everybody. some more record highs. and on the east coast showers for houston and new orleans all the way to cincinnati and new york. some heavy snow, meanwhile, in northern maine and out west in the cascades. >> 40s from seattle to billings,
3:39 am
50s in sacramento and indianapolis. a mild 41 in the twin cities. 60 here in new york. 63 in atlanta. and it's always beautiful in miami. and we always have to rub it in that it's 80. >> man. well, we are told it's not smelling too good these days out in sacramento, california. >> is that you? no. >> there are hundreds of reasons why. >> those hundreds of reasons are all skunks. they are invading the golden state's capital looking for food, but mostly looking for each other because it is mating season. the skunks are getting it on. ♪ bada bang ♪ bada-bow-bow >> sexy music. >> that was a horrible impression. ♪ bow, bow >> skunks are attracted to free food, so residents are being told to keep pet food inside. for the love of god, good luck. we hope it's not a long mating season for you guys in sacramento. >> oh, just -- that's a bad -- >> love can stink sometimes, man. >> love does stink. so do skunks. you don't, though. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪
3:40 am
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♪ well, burglars beware. if you're going to break into a home, you may want to make sure an accomplished boxer isn't living there. >> that was good. a little -- doing a little billy blanks, p-90x. so a seattle man woke up to discover a burglar in a ski mask lurking about, and he did not hesitate to throw the guy out. komo's john disapolo has details on the match from suburban
3:44 am
seattle. >> i'm more so worried for my roommates in the apartment more than myself. >> reporter: caught off guard and fighting for his life. that's how colton vaughn describes what happened to him in the middle of the night. >> i knew immediately that he was in here either to harm me or to steal our stuff. >> reporter: living in this two-bedroom apartment with his brother kirk and his wife, alexandria, colton says early monday morning he got up to get a glass of water in the kitchen. >> i started to drink it, and it was really, really cold inside. so i was like why is it so cold? and i felt a cold breeze coming from the sliding glass door. >> reporter: but it's what he noticed next out of the corner of his eye that scared him to death. >> what the heck? so i went over, i looked down, and i seen white tennis shoes. i look up and i see a guy. just as i seen him, he came at me. >> reporter: but this burglar wearing a ski mask and black gloves made a terrible mistake. colton is a boxer. >> so i hit him. he dropped on the ground. i proceeded to hit him a few times. he dove over the couch here.
3:45 am
>> reporter: his brother kirk came rushing out of the bedroom ready to back him up. >> i came running out with my pistol. soon as i came out here, i was right here with my gun, had the hammer cocked back. >> reporter: but by the time kirk entered the living room, the crook had made a beeline for the sliding glass door to escape. and with his adrenaline pumping colton gave him a lift. >> i grabbed him by the collar by the back of his belt and i threw him right over the balcony. and when he hit the ground, he made a really loud thud and was like, "uh." really, really loud. >> reporter: after the encounter colton and his brother ran downstairs to find the burglar, but he disappeared. >> that's amazing the burglar could survive a fall like that. getting thrown off a balcony like that. >> of course they have not found him, but he could be sentenced to up to six years in prison. i don't know what's worse, getting beat up by those brothers or spending six years behind bars. >> he'll have a whole different kind of boxing match in prison. >> don't you think he would do a little recon on the home that you're going to? >> yeah. if they're packing heat and he's a boxer, go to the neighbor's house instead. come on.
3:46 am
all right. coming up next, who is saying no to everyone's tan little gnome, nooki -- snooki. nooki. sorry. >> hello. it's not friday yet. and what brought kristen bell to tears. it's all next in "the skinny." nooki. >> nooki. "the skinny." nooki. >> nooki.
3:47 am
3:48 am
it looks like -- looks like you got a little testy with al roker. >> uh-oh. >> show that footage. >> are jumping jacks your exercise of choice? >> you know, i do everything. i mean, jumping jacks, squats, lunges -- >> uh-oh. >> i do a little everything. a little boxing. >> does the president have to worry about the boxing part? >> you know, sometimes when he sees me punching he kind of -- >> uh! ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny mm-hmm. >> do that again. >> that was a little clip from jimmy kimmel last night. that was actually pretty good. the first lady knocking out al roker there. you may remember that clip of -- i'm sorry, jay leno. you may remember the clip of the president singing a little bit of al green and mrs. obama said look, he shows off his lungs all
3:49 am
the time, he has a beautiful voice, he loves al green, marvin gaye, a little stevie wonder. all the classics. he sings to her all the time, in fact. >> and if he doesn't, she's got a nasty left hook. >> she knocks him out. >> okay. so this is a story that is kind of hitting close to at least new york. but just across the river in hoboken the mayor there -- >> jersey. >> yeah. hoboken, new jersey. the mayor there has denied jwoww and snooki's new reality show to come. they were thinking this could be good for the economy but the mayor has said based on protecting public safety and life quality concerns for hoboken residents they are not going to allow the reality show to film in hoboken. they say the show would result in "an unacceptable lessening of the quality of life for the local residents and businesses, creating traffic, large noisy crowds and completely disrupting day-to-day life." i say good for you, mayor. >> seaside heights was upset with these folks. italy didn't want them. now hoboken didn't want them. it's supposed to be a spinoff show featuring jwoww and snooki. i remembered the s this time.
3:50 am
so that's kind of funny hoboken doesn't want them. maybe jwoww's breasts violated the plastic ordinance. could be all kinds of things. i kid. i love the show. >> i can't get that time back. so i never watch it. >> exactly. okay. moving on here. where's my next little story? >> kristen bell. >> kristen bell was apparently on a talk show talking about a sloth, this little animal, that her boyfriend -- >> from "ice age." >> -- gave her. right. from "ice age." and she apparently laughed so hard it resulted in this very funny video in the moment he gave her this little animal. take a look. >> i don't know. >> are you so sad that one's coming to your party? >> i'm so excited. >> that is real video. she says throughout her whole life she -- when she's really excited she tends to cry. so after she got that little animal she really did break down in tears, and she shared the video on ellen's show. just a funny moment with ms. bell. >> i love her. >> she's cute. she's a cutie.
3:51 am
>> and i'm sure a lot of you out there love madonna. she's going to be performing this sunday at the halftime show. along with nicki minaj and m.i.a. they will also be performing with her. but a little bit of leakage on wikipedia. if you go to wikipedia, look up "halftime shows." i guess the set list has been out there. okay? so she's going to be singing, according to wikipedia, "give me all your loving," featuring nicki minaj and m.i.a., followed by "ray of light," "vogue," "music" and "holiday." her spokesperson says they're not accurate, they didn't get it right. but for all of you who fell in love with madonna based on those songs from the '80s she's going to be giving something back to the fans. >> very cool. and from madonna to someone who actually can sing well, adele's going to be performing at the grammys this year. her first performance since she underwent surgery on her vocal cords. she made it through successfully. she's going to be on the grammys. she's had a huge year. such a talent. check her out on the grammys. going to be her first live show since that surgery. so welcome back to the stage, adele. should be good. ♪ oh, hide from the light e good.
3:52 am
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♪ meow, meow, meow, meow ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow mee-ow. you know the old saying two heads are better than one? this next story is the real cat's meow. >> i like that. a kitten with one body but has two faces. it's called a janus cat. and it's -- >> janice? >> janus. it's exceptionally rare. our sarasota, florida station has this two-sided story. >> reporter: recently nash hain and his wife amanda forsythe saw a show about a cat with two faces. >> looked at that and said wouldn't it be weird if it happened to us? >> reporter: with an expecting
3:56 am
mama cat named nene in the house it was a joking passing thought. after a double take monday that thought became all too real. >> what are you talking about? what do you mean two faces? i'm like, it has two faces. this cat has two faces. >> reporter: meet harvey dent, named after the batman character with two sides. the scientific term is janus cat, after the mythical roman god with two faces. extremely rare. >> they simultaneously work together, both faces. like when he eats on one side it looks like he's eating on the other. when he meows -- >> yeah, because his tongue's working on the other side. >> reporter: and four eyes. the odds are against janus cats. not knowing what to do nash and amanda took to craigslist looking for help. the response they got was anything but. >> that i should put it down, it's an abomination. >> what kind of person is -- >> i'm an evil person because i would let such a thing live like that. it's a beast because it's a black cat with two faces. >> but they did get in touch with dr. greg fuhardy with the animal clinic in port charlotte. he did an exam. >> respirations normal, heart rate normal for a kitten of a few days.
3:57 am
>> reporter: another good sign is nene has taken to her little boy. more tests with a vet neurologist are scheduled for this week. >> it's going to give them the right information so they can make the right choices. >> and some tough ones for the young family. >> we have our bills and we have our expenses and our budget and, you know, it's something that, you know, we're afraid of. >> baby. >> reporter: however, they say harvey has heart. determined to give him a fighting chance. >> definitely not going to kill it. i'm not going to let somebody tell me it needs to be dead. >> it shouldn't be killed just because it's a little different. >> josh taylor, abc news. >> that really is a disturbing, disturbing story. just a weird, weird video. >> everybody says that he with we think alike. >> that's true. does that cat have 18 lives? i'm just doing the math there. i don't understand. >> hey. mee- -- >> yow. ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now.
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